Digital Services we can provide for you

  • Wordpress and Website Development

    Need a website for your SME? We can guide you though the process and design you the website or e-commerce solution that delivers your services at at an affordable price.

  • Game Design and Development

    We are experts in building with Unreal Engine, GameGuru, HTML5 and Javascript games. Don't beleive us? Look at our portfolio of work for examples.

  • IT Support / Consulting

    Want to streamline your business processes and IT efficiency? Or get some advice on software or hardware issues Get in touch,

  • Application Design

    Have an idea for a web or mobile app? Get in touch and let's see if we can help.

Our Works

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Siren Games is a team of Indie game developers and techies working on a variety of technical platforms (Unreal Engine, GameGuru, Twine, Blender and other open source software) swapping ideas and working on game and web projects together We have a concentration on producing interesting groundmaking serious games, website designs, eLearning, educational games, fun games and mind bending games, FPS, 3D environments and to explore applications around VR / AR.

Meet Our Team

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  • Chris Godber

    Chris Godber

    Developer / Co-founder

  • Harvey Mccaulley

    Harvey Mccaulley

    3D Artist / Game Developer

  • Alfonzo 'Oni' Pierre Aliomar

    Alfonzo 'Oni' Pierre Aliomar

    Artist / Music Producer

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Recent News

Our latest News

  • City of Shadow Dev Blog

    New development blog of project City of Shadow:

  • Glitch [Twine game]

    Glitch is an interactive story game built in Twine exploring ideas of conciousness, memory, technology and the human soul. Built using Twine / CSS / Html, featuring Video and hopefully embedded WebGL elements. PLAY GLITCH ONLINE: Keep up to date with Glitch online

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