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Build tools: Twine, CSS, JS

Glitch is an interactive multimedia story game built in Twine exploring ideas of conciousness, memory, technology and the human soul. You just want to know who you are, and how you got here....


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Build tools: GameGuru

A Science Fiction RPG set in the world of the Jinni (PC)
It the dawn of the year 2153 and a new age of ice has descended upon the Earth.
(In Development)

The Tunnel 3D Gallery

Build tools: PlayCanvas / JS
A virtual gallery made for the Tunnel art group

Kill Stalins

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Build Tools : GameGuru

Kill Stalins is a comedic short FPS made with the GameGuru software. Kill as many Stalin clones as you can and escape the Siberian camp you reside in. 

A short, and silly FPS. 

Shroom Hunter

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Build tools: GameGuru, LUA scripting 

You are Knronos son of Thordor, the mushroom hunter of the marshes. 

For 5 generations have you and you kind protected the wild world, maintaining and protecting the magic mushrooms that grew within from the forces of darkness. You spend each day day collecting your crop, what magical riches of the mind will this day bring??

A simple 1 level FPS / Collection game made for the Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam in 6 hours with the Game Guru Engine.

The Comedian

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The Comedian is a fast paced 3 level traditional FPS set in a series of bizarre and crazy environments.

Escape the evil projections of the comedian as you enter his insane virtual worlds, find the cupboards and portals and escape his minions!

Maze 101

Early development / beta build in Unreal Engine for a maze exploration game

(in Development)



City of Shadow

Build Tools : Twine, CSS

A Cyberpunk interactive detective story inspired by Blade Runner and William Gibson set in an alternative timeline / future where the Soviet Union has is the global superpower and technology developed by Tesla has led to a highly advanced but often complex society. You play Terrence a disenfranchised detective investigating the death of a young women...   

(in Development)